finally, i have alwaysssssss wanted to publish a pure photo book…and the time has come…. back to 2011 summer, when our store SUPER BORED was hosting a concert for sugar club, ( kandy & fung) and we have flied them both together to vancouver, I have shoot a series of photographs for kandy when we hangout around vancouver area….this is the book u wanna get ! no photoshop, shot and upload…very direct, very “film” production like…back to the days where we can just shoot and see it until you develope it…i hope to keep this feeling and the very original Kandy and vancouver in this book…. available from HONG KONG BOOK FAIR from July 18th, 2012….

請多多支持…小弟第一本公開出版的攝影集…. ” KANDY HOLIC ” , 為糖妹於溫哥華取景, 貫切始終, 完全沒有用 PHOTOSHOP, 不修改, 希望將最真的糖妹, 溫哥華保留下來, 大家書展見!

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