After 2 years…..(our last backpack was launched back to 2009…) we finally come out with another backpack, this time we used metalic heavy duty material as the body and leather on the detail and base, comes with small compartment and also laptop sleeve inside, back support is very important as the backpack is huge, once you filled it up, you will see how the strap can support you along the back ! Its available now in superbored and all WRONGWROKS locations, also the ONLINE STORE.

@WRONGWROKS 2012年度下旬推出的高品質單品 金屬STYLE亮面真皮背包@徐天佑TY 來為大家示範陽光輕熟男的背包搭配法 今年度一口氣發放四款配色 金沙色 銀翡翠色 鐵紅色 閃亮黑色 用上真皮的豬鼻子及皮標和背包的底部 非常適合開學通勤適用喔!今天上架了!@SUPERBORED

it comes in 4 colors, red, jade, gold and black !

check out all the photos here !

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