SUPERBORED 4th anniversary leather stadium jacket !

since our first baseball jacket back to 2009 , collaborated with SHADOWGRAPH, we have been getting emails asking ” when are you guys gonna restock this ?” …we have soldout very quickly and yet last year we have made another style which is a duffle jacket and its VERY popular and we have created a … Continue reading

我最愛情 feat. 糖妺 x WRONGWROKS “just the right amount of wrong” tee !

just watch, its quite funny !

吉野家 YOSHINOYA x KANDY 糖妹 !!!

FINALLY ! we can show the photos ! we have been hearing Kandy will be the new spoke person for Yoshinoya since last september ! and here is some preview ! GO GO GO ! if they have made posters…i want all of them !!! STAY TUNED !


Kandy 糖妹 @ Green Live yesterday feat. WRONGWROKS COTTON CARDIGAN in BLACK ~ ( Click for more photos, and video here too ) Thanks Barry for the nice photos ~ haha


Finally our flannel shirt is here with some really nice colorways that you don’t reallly see it in other brands….so yeah check it out ~ 3 color ways, its all online now. 3 種顏色的 法蘭絨格紋襯衫 女生版型 是長及臀部 可搭配緊身褲 特別顯瘦 小男生是合身的版型 搭砲CHINO PANT帥度一百分!今天上架@SUPERBORED ! 3 種顏色的 法蘭絨格紋襯衫 女生版型 是長及臀部 可搭配緊身褲 特別顯瘦 小男生是合身的版型 帥度一百分!今天上架@SUPERBORED !

新素材で 、防水と保温の ウインドブレーカー。

this brand new series we got no model for it and i have to do it myself ! ( well to be honest im a windbreaker / jacket freak, i collect all kind of jackets and windbreaker esp. those one with goretex or whatever water proof tech. items….) And when the time comes for making … Continue reading

鍾一憲JASON x 糖妹KANDY x 東方日報

Last couple weeks i was in Japan and suddenly saw this BIG BIG newspaper spread from Kandy’s fans ….and here is some cover up ~ ! whats really happening is…Jason & Kandy, 2 of the most popular rising star in Hong Kong is doing a interview for Orient Daily Newspaper and they were both wearing … Continue reading


while all the girls (literally) are complaining that the LEATHER DOWN JACKET is only for guys…..we are quickly releasing some “SNEAK-PREVIEW” of the up coming products WRONGWROKS LEOPARD PATTERN FUR BOOTS. yes its for girls, AND for the men too ! =P

TOP 10 in 2011. (what’s up 2012?)

2012. Everyone is talking the END OF THE WORLD. To me, i don’t know and i think we cannot do much about it anyways, even if its now, what can you do? what can we do? can we stop it? NO ! We should not think about WHEN is the end of the world, we … Continue reading


too bad i cannot make it to this concert but thanks for the fans showing the beautiful photos and you can see, WRONGWROKS (the cartoon we made for sugar club) is always standing at the back with a bIG BIG logo on it hahahhahahahahha and again, another single from KANDY@SUGARCLUB, another hints to our photo … Continue reading