Original Anime Character by HARUAKI FUYUNO for WRONGWROKS !

are you serious ? Yes , i mean having an original anime character is my DREAM since i start watching comic… last summer i have been start looking at lots of new up and coming anime artist from Japan, and i mean the ACTIVE ones which whoever still drawing for comic weekly ! and i … Continue reading

板野友美 AKB48 CM UHA味覚糖 ぷっちょ 「リレー」A・B篇

CRAZY !!!!  I MEAN THE IDEA ! i mean  板野友美 ! WATCH !

Comme des Garcons x COKE = Coke des Garcons?

is this real ? do you know ? it looks real but after the first wave of BAPE x CDG fake designs “sneak out”….im kinda doubt about all “sneak out ~” LOL

A Bathing Ape x PLAY COMME des GARCONS 2012 Capsule Collection

click the thumbnails and see the entire collection, ( remember there were some fake sneak preview created by the fans awhile ago….) well….these ones look similar …..

UU : UNDERCOVER for Uniqlo

i hv seen the collection…… i like the arts better….. lets hope the 2nd wave get better……=(  



TOP 10 in 2011. (what’s up 2012?)

2012. Everyone is talking the END OF THE WORLD. To me, i don’t know and i think we cannot do much about it anyways, even if its now, what can you do? what can we do? can we stop it? NO ! We should not think about WHEN is the end of the world, we … Continue reading

Mastermind Japan Apartment @_@”’

are you kidding? i mean REALLY ? HOLY COW !!!!!!!!! but its SO COOL how much? hahahhahahahhahahaa

Superbored’s Native Fitzsimmons “LEGO” colorway

as one of the top seller of Native Fitzsimmons in British Columbia, we are honor to have our OWN COLORWAY from Native. we are excited to annouced this special color like “LEGO” design colorways, isn’t it cool ? (too sharp ?? or you actually want to be different when everyone else has a pair of … Continue reading

AKB48 – Eguchi Aimi (fake member)

When a new pop star joined Japanese Idol group AKB48 and subsequently starred in a Glico candy commercial, the fans fell in love with her instantaneously.  She was beautiful—her eyes popped, her nose, lips and hair were perfect.  She was too good to be true. Literally.  Days after Eguchi Aimi was introduced to the world … Continue reading