for those who keep emailing us about the new prints and art pieces, its on the web now and they are almost all 1/1, one of a kind, only one available pieces, check them out, and also the triangles from the MASTER-MIND series…


stay awake as we will have 4-5 ONE OFF (yeah it means just one of a kind) collages silkscreen of the kate moss and LAST SUPPER SERIES, all ONE OFF with mixed media..very nice stuff, don’t sleep on this!


so after the tour, this will be the first release of WRONGWROKS, we gonna have something new and something “old”, and more is coming… (click more…) Green… Tiffany Blue…


2 hours drive from Taipei and we finally arrived this town call Tai-chong, which is Central of Taiwan, and also the 2nd shop of SUMMIT, – the summit gallery, its 2 floor space with exhibition gallery downstairs and also a shop selling street wears and accessories on the ground floor.. check out the pics, more … Continue reading

Otaku 6′ x 8′ @ Switerzland

we did some huge silkscreen print for a gallery in Switerzland while ago, finally we got to see them mounted and it looks very cool, later we will have some smaller version AP for sale in the store, (these ones about about 6 x 8 feet!!) if you want to purchased these huge pieces, please … Continue reading


sorry for the wait guys! its finally up! also we bring you some extra stuff! like the ONE OFF Jesus & Judaz, S/E Limited canvas for NOISEKING, PETER DENIES limited colorful t-shirt ! get them now!

Don’t Betray

so this week on the 15th, we will have this series release….its from 2006, and just about 5-7 prints altogether, from the series of JESUS and JUDAZ, but these are the special ones that i made just for fun, but since LOTS of emails coming through from UK, and they love to get these special … Continue reading


S/E canvas will be selling on our web and also on NOISEKING , Japan

S/E Canvas

the S/E canvas…will be up shortly, its WRONGWROKS exclusive and NOISEKING exclusive…in japan.

MY2007 – Colette

so the most excited thing to start a new year is the best thing to do… its also my first grouphow in Paris to kick off this year…. “MY2007” is a show by Colette, a show from artist all around the world to express its own point of view of new year and their vision … Continue reading