Chet Lam 林一峰 wears WRONGWROKS OXFORD SHIRT (blue)

i think its a little to big even Chet you are wearing SMALL ~ haha thanks for the CD ! (he likes the boxset !)  

林一峰 x WRONGWROKS = 一峰一人一結他 “ONE MAGIC DAY” limited edition Tee

its the 2nd time doing a T-shirt project with 一峰 ! 一峰一人一結他  is a great show from Chet ! chet is super hyper introducing me to the public ….but im not very used to it… chet, Chu Fun E, and Emen more buddies   people lining up for the t-shirts….it didn’t sell out in the first night … Continue reading


the last / first collab with chet back to 2009….when the 1st SUPERBORED vancouver opens,…we have a collab with Chet in the opening party and he came over to vancouver for the opening… this year. actually next week, we have our 2nd project. ONE MAGIC DAY. stay tuned buddies !      


whatsup ? my buddy Chet is having another SHOW this year…. ONE MAGIC DAY 一峰一人一結他2011,8月25日10pm開售! o… BY THE WAY, watch out for the limited edition products by WRONGWROKS x CHET LAM ! =P

High Tea with 林一峰 @ 半島

everytime im in Hong Kong i had to meet with my buddy 林一峰 , Chet Lam guess what…this time we have come up with lots and lots of ideas and projects…..i guess its time to have another huge collabo together…exhibition ? concert? products ? ALL OF THEM ? you never know. stay tuned

WRONGWROKS x 林一峰 VOL. 2 / FALL 2010

KOSMO Cafe @ LKF , Central Hong Kong, the last time i came to KOSMO is 2004, i was back working freelance in Hong Kong and the first project i did is the identity for KOSMO…time flies…its been 7 Years…..they had changed everything lol…. (btw, its very healthy food and nice 2nd floor seating…you guys … Continue reading


received mail from LYFE music store yesterday….. ?!?! its Chet’s newest album …..BACK TO THE STARS ! its been awhile since we met each other and time flies…its the 10th album.. exactly Chet, what is next ? thanks again for the surprise !

Chasing Sunsets – Chet Lam

My buddy Chet Lam(林一峰) ‘s new project : the first self made music video in his life. very very simple with just sunset pictures he took through the years around the world. Enjoy and stay tuned for his newest album April 11, 2010.

Chit Chat Chet Chet Lam

another meet up with Chet 林一峰 @ IFC.  (he is trying to line up the iphone (s) and ipod…he is addicted to my swarovski british flag iphone case…haha) Im glad we do keep in contact and slowly becomes good friends , work hard Chet. It will be a new year 2010. and We gonna have … Continue reading


been so busy about the LYFE project and also the lucky bag and opening party at SUPER BORED now we back to everyday life =P …. For those who were oversea, eg. USA, China, Hong Kong fans who asked for LYFE t-shirts are now limited time offer on our WEB STORE … we will have … Continue reading