My Model 羅康妮 is the 新 “JAY(周杰倫)女郎” ?

my previous Summer collection 2010’s model – KangNi Lo 羅康妮 is Jay Chou’s new girl friend ? 羅康妮 has been model for me couple times and she is definetely a hot model ! i took this photo with JAY女郎 – 羅康妮 back to April 2010….i do have good eye and taste as JAY CHOU ! hahahhahahahahhahaha… 羅康妮因為和周杰倫及「周媽」葉惠美共進晚餐,被指是新任「J女郎」,一夕間爆紅,她的名字更成為網路搜尋榜上第一名。羅康妮以網路正妹之名出道,拍過多支廣告,最近因為在網路購物廣告中,扮演《魚干女又怎樣》中的綾瀨遙山寨版受到矚目,最近也參與演出大愛戲劇《一閃一閃亮晶晶》,剪了妹妹頭扮演學生。 … Continue reading

My Model 羅康妮 is now 正妹藝人 ! LOL !

Our previous model 康妮 …. now is famous in JAPAN! ? 【鄭孟緹╱台北報導】正妹藝人羅康妮在購物網站廣 告化身「台版魚干女」,綁著沖天炮髮型在榻榻米上滾來滾去嗲喊「部長」,與綾瀨遙在日劇《魚干女又怎樣2》的模樣如出一轍。D罩杯的羅康妮笑說:「我滾了 十幾次才ok,身上都瘀青了!」她坦承在家不穿內衣,1年多沒男友,沒事就窩在家上網、打電動,不折不扣是個魚干女。 日本哈燒星 日本F罩杯女星綾瀨遙主演的《魚2》劇每周六晚10點在緯來日本台播出,她搞笑扮不穿內衣的邋遢宅女,與飾演「部長」的藤木直人同居,逗趣情節在台、日廣受歡迎。 康妮 ! i didn’t know you have such body ?!


very excited, an event where all the local Taiwanese brand came together has an exhibition, just 3 days….look at my PASS ~ handsome boy – TERRY , the senior editor in chief ! (look at his glasses….) Hometown , a new Taiwanese brand….it will be in VANCOUVER soon…. =P STAY REAL, our closest buddy has … Continue reading

Photoshoot w/ 羅康妮

a day of photoshoot in Taipei…with 羅康妮 . some new items will be on the online store and store soon feat. by 羅康妮 . Stay hot !! SUMMER IS COMING !


WRONGWROKS SUMMER COLLECTION 2010 , featuring upcoming artist – Kang Ni / 羅康妮. Stay tuned.

男人一定要認識的女人 : 羅康妮 (國光幫幫忙)

remember 羅康妮 ? the girl who model for STAY REAL ! very cute girl finally has her debut exposure on the TV screen… here are some more polaroids of 羅康妮 !

Movie shooting w/羅康妮 @ 華山

tonight we back to the Toy Festival location, 華山 , it looks like another great show will  be held at this location soon ! movie shooting night, im not involved im just coming with 康妮 to check out a new dancing movie ! 羅康妮 is very into it….LOL we then have dessert at east district … Continue reading