Dinning w/ 蝴蝶姐姐

so after the show and talking, we went to a resturant nearby to have dinner together…. and well i can’t really pose the photos that showing “we are eating” …but you can see some of the polaroids we took =P 蝴蝶姐姐 left happily with goodies from SUPERBORED ! and some people asked for more photos … Continue reading

小鬼 . 蝴蝶姊姊 . 娛樂百分百

its been few month from the last time meeting up with mr. A.E.S (ALIAN HUANG) 小鬼 ! hope he loves the new tees and caps from WRONGWROKS ! what about her ? 蝴蝶姊姊 ! another pop icon and keep an eye on her…we gonna have lots of fun later on with 蝴蝶姊姊 ! (thanks for … Continue reading