WRKS x Adfunture @ OVERDOPE interview

we have done this interview with LIN (cheif editior & Founder) of OVERDOPE, read it in their blog or here. we had the interview in the ADFUNTURE booth. YOKA x EDDI 每一年的台北國際玩具創作大展都受到全世界玩具業者以及玩具迷們重大的注目. 而提到”玩具”兩字又豈可忽略adfunture這間替藤原浩訂做公仔的知名公司. 當然, 這次adfunture也為了玩具迷們準備了相當大的驚喜, 那就是於這一屆2009台北國際玩具創作大展中首度曝光的YOKA Series. 而針對此系列, OVERDOPE.COM 也帶來了深度的獨家報導. 以下訪談OVERDOPE代表為鐵猴, adfunture為Eddi, WRONGWROKS為Tony. 鐵猴: 想先請問一下Eddi, 這個於會展中首次批露的YOKA Series 是約從何時開始準備的? Eddi: 大約進一年的時間, 於去年年底(2008) 時給了許多合作廠商包括Tony 這隻YOKA 的原型以供設計, 之後陸陸續續都花了近一年的時間改良之後才願意將最好的一面呈現給支持我們的消費者. … Continue reading

more from TTF

a little embrass to sign something at STAY REAL’s booth coz our “common fans” caught me and i have to sign my YOKA Bear…. now need to do some advertising for STAY REAL, check out his huge “Little Mouse” figure… Mickey Huang 黃子佼 has came by and NO2GOOD 不二良was there too so we took a … Continue reading


after the year sampling and checking, and production finally in the store. stay tuned for releasing date.

AdFunture x WRONGWROKS = Panda Yoka

i believe many of you has seen this before we even annouced on the blog, either High Snobiety or Adfunture official blog, or even OVERDOPE has annouced this new toy…. yes, finally we will releasing officially in Taipei Toy Festival on July 9th, 2009. In adfunture booth.. with small edition about 3″ high, and a … Continue reading

3rd Annivesary Projects # 2

Today got a box from my buddy EDDI @ Adfunture, finally got it in my hand, we have prepare this project for so long and just in time for the WRONGWROKS 3rd Anniversary… hmmmm…stay tuned…its a biggest toy ever for us…


i was kidding, i do have toys for the TTF, however, its not quick enough for showing the whole thing, we only get to see this 12″ prototype….so stay tuned! and always with a small version…its coming very soon so stay tuned….

Eddi @ AdFunture!

Eddi, the CEO & Creative Director of Adfunture Toys Group is in vancouver, its been a year since we meet last year in the TTF (Taipei Toy Festival) and we have been talking lots in emails, MSN, we sucessfully launched the BUKA – Mickey Duck series, and now we are into something else, guess what, … Continue reading


(READ BIG VERSION HERE) YOHO! is a magazine from Shanghai, China. A street, fashion, art magazine comes out every month, with over 600,000 readers every month, YOHO! is one of the top circulated “Fashion-Trendy” magazine around the mainland. WRONGWROKS full interviewed by Ad-Funture’Toy Group ‘s CEO Eddi check it out full chinese version in here. … Continue reading