Udon & Aya Takada

another thing that im addicted beside beef don or tempura or soba is UDON…. (yeah i just need to stop talking about food or photos of what i ate….its just….i don’t know) comments from everyone : YOUR PHOTOS MAKE ME HUNGRY! and i met AYA again in Tokyo…! Thanks for making it to Tokyo , … Continue reading

Aya @ Birdo Flugas

greetings from Aya @ Birdo Flugas! some new items will be dropped at her gallery next week, please stay tuned ! thanks!

Aya Takada & Toru Morooka

TORU & AYA visited the Studio today… TORU (MORE ROCK) drew something for me… (thas me?!) To recap, TORU’s work are everywhere in Japanese magazines, like Studio Voice, BRUTUS, TOKION…etc.. he then drew me another one..(check out the eyes and nose, serious appearance) TORU , Me & Aya Takada @ Birdo Flugas

Aya Takada currated exhibit at Helen Pitt Gallery

my good friend Aya Takada from Japan has bought her artist team over, at the Helen Pitt Gallery in Gas town… the exhibit called “Commercial na Art!” Ocean Fresh Exhibition… featuring artist like Yusuke Gunji, Erika Kobayashi, Itaru Hirama, Chikara Matsumoto & Toru Morooka ! very detail style japanese illustration…what is it about? inside the … Continue reading

Aya Takada / Birdo Flugas

meet up with AYA TAKADA , the director and owner of BIRDO FLUGAS in Sendai… nice food, but we ended up with 4 dishes and they all about tamago…..