Banksy recently release a new piece of art work in UK, check it out…..seriously,  only Banksy can still surprise us these days….  


While New Yorkers have been consumed by the stock market meltdown, couple more banks bankrupt, a tiny little pet store quietly opened four days ago at the West Village of New York City. British street artist BANKSY, made his stay in New York a longer one than anticipated, long enough to open up his own … Continue reading


if you have a Louis Vuitton nearby, (which im sure you do..) you should check it out their new window display, they have changed to this surveillance cameras pointing either the bag, or the bag with models… its very BANKSY isn’t it? Now Louis Vuitton knows the game…. hmmm..

Banksy – Stop and Search

one of my fav. artist print hit the door.. the first time i seen BANKSY’s work was like 2002/2003 when i was in a Typography school trip in London, i loved his work but i can’t really a 200 pounds print at that time when i was still in school, well…of course, if u know … Continue reading


another banksy exhibit in Hong Kong…. i was invited to the opening reception (last tuesday) … tons of people coming to see what Banksy shows… the first time showing the full set of Kate-Marylin silkscreen print, the only full set available.. its about 1 Million USD for this set… close up… even electric box got … Continue reading


sorry i was really busy and finally got sometimes to choose some photos from the previous BANKSY SHOW in Art Center, Hong Kong…. here a huge stencil on the column outside the art center…and you know what this means… its a show with Keith Haring, Robert Indiana (LOVE), Damien Hirst, and of coz some other … Continue reading

Banksy… One More Time…

finally visit the BANKSY ROBS HONGKONG show in ART CENTER, HONG KONG, i will upload some photos later, but this invite is not about that one, yeah there is another one! You ready?

Banksy invite

Thanks for FABRIK gallery from Hong Kong sending this invite to the pre-view of the BANKSY exhibit which is on the 23rd April, (next next wednesday) for those who want to get into the preview please email FABRIK… CU there!

Banksy Robs HONGKONG

Famous Londond based artist Banksy will be coming to Hong Kong for the “LOVE ART” exhibition curated by Fabrik Contemporary Art. This unique show is the first of it’s kind and will include artwork from other high-profile artists such as Damien Hirst, Keith Haring, Romero Britto, and Mel Ramos. i will be also visiting the … Continue reading