the first thing to celebrate in 2012 is the 2nd China store of WRONGWROKS at Shenzhen COCO PARK ! COCO PARK is the biggest shopping mall in Shenzhen and is designed by famous designer in Hong Kong – ALAN CHAN. our shenzhen store is the 1st store that ONLY sells WRONGWROKS and only carried full … Continue reading


the wait is over ! hoody , hoody and i want more hoodies ! its here, available online tomorrow and in beijing WRONGWROKS store, SUPERBORED richmond, 10/3 release on monday ! and SUPERBORED burnaby will have it on wednesday 10/5 ! Unisex, model wearing Men’s SMALL, comes in XS (girls size- one fits all), Men’s … Continue reading

Autumn (festival) in Beijing

another year spending “autumn festival” outside…. last year i spent it in Hong Kong…and this year im spending time with my Beijing crew and buddies…..of coz….even without autumn festival, Beijing’s resturant always have “湯圓” after the meal…. the tomato base hot pot just SO good… a very famous and popular hot pot place in china..i … Continue reading

三里屯 MODEL – 竹子Queenie

Our new model from Beijing – 竹子, stay tuned for our all new collections featuring Queenie  竹子 shooting at BEIJING SANLITIAN . ITS SUPER COOL! HA ! YEAH ! LET ME TELL YOU !

WRKS 1st China Store @ Beijing Sanlitun 北京三里屯

after 16 months of preparation, planning, welcome to our first WRONGWROKS original store (co-store with STUSSY beijing) in China. with almost everything we have in Vancouver’s SUPERBORED, our Sanlitun store will have the most updated products for the fans in China. exclusive items will also be available at the new store! all caps, collabs project … Continue reading


The next station is …. “Beijing”.

Beijing part2

chilling life… kaws is here and there in china lots of toy store, real and fake, it really doesnt matter coz its just FUN Doraemon store in Beijing, real store, but all fakes inside. Bun store…..i think its like 50 cents each and lots fo people are waiting FeiYu shoes, $60.00 CNY old style , … Continue reading

Beijing Here i come !

Beijing here i come again… rocking my X100, stunning photos, its just so smart in any situation and lighting responses….in seconds…! even toys ! speaking of good mandarin ? come on, thas the POWER of him !! i tried the subway 2 times in a day during rush hour, i think CAB is better for … Continue reading


so finally, we came to 三里屯, the world’s shopping village…. they got the biggest UNIQLO , ADDIDAS in Asia. at the back, a street of pubs and bars…and chinese style stores….its a great place ! what about a ENGLISH LIBRARY ON THE STREET !? we actually tried this “food stand” , its good 1.00 rmb … Continue reading


here i come ! because  a very very good deal to Beijing,  we decided to take our first trip to this special place, BEIJING ! its super Hot in Beijing, its about 40c and super dry…its like Vancouver but it burns even faster (on skin) , this car looks very cool but i bet its … Continue reading