Series Two

very soon. (with a pacakge!)

Copy part 2

if you are one of those thinking my doradimon not original, please check this out, Baleno continue copying all my merchandise, including swarovski bling polos and also… exact same colorways doradimon keychain…. GOD, even the phone strap are 100% exactly the same… there is a new style copying my Hikathon doradimon running tee, but when … Continue reading

Special Doradimon T-shirt

WRONGWROKS is proud to announced a special project collaboration with Vancouver local Christian non-profit organization, AFC (Ambassadors For Christ In Canada)… They are hosting a fund-raising event, Hikathon (well, it means hiking) and the top 100 fundraisers will receive this special Doradimon Hikathon multicolor edition T-shirt…! All the money raised in this event goes to … Continue reading

Fake Original

does this looks familiar? hmmmmm….after the FAKE KEYCHAIN, we found some FAKE T-shirt… wow….they put Doraemon’s face on to the back pose….? you can tell HE is quite suffer with this angle turning the head like this… and they used on the label too…. with original design….side by side…what is fake anyways? more to sell … Continue reading

Taiwan FAKE exclusive shit

we know WRKS is doing very well in TAIWAN, and you know how and why Fake stuff start flow into the markets, because they think they gonna share the profit, but i guess not this kind of quality? and its produced by Doraemon?! LOL