Tokyo Eating 1.0 : Whats “INSIDE” ?

so besides beef don, sushi, udon, lamen….anything…i wanna talk about something funny, (i think quite funny) …we decided to try something new, so we went to this place…(above)… its a place to eat like robata, yakitori….and we ordered some to try….this thing look like its got some bean sprout and veggie and they said its … Continue reading

CheeseY Pork’s Neck Instant Noodle

we went to this special resturant yesterday in TST, it located inside some really old buildings… you can see its old style, and big names as most of the local resturants, BIG is everything… we ordered whatever is quick coz we have been waitin for the seats….and while i was looking at the menu about … Continue reading

Life in Vancouver

back to Vancouver and has usual home made food ! today we got green tea spaghetti and.. regular spaghetti ! Thanks Boo !