Flowers shots w/ FUJI x100 in Dream Forrest, Seoul

first time ever in Korea Shot with Fuji X100 , at the DREAM FOREST , SEOUL, South Korea, no photoshop at all, not even brightness / color-tuning, straight from my camera, direct from the memory card upload. fully manual camera shoting, most of them are F2, either 1/500s – 1/1000s , 400-800ISO , FUJIX100 does … Continue reading

Fuji X100 in hand !

the wait is over….why this camera is becoming a “hard to find” ? According to a reliable source, X100 production has been temporarily halted and no new X100’s will be available worldwide until late this year.  . For now, the all black X100 has been scraped. While Fujifilm noted it had not received any reports … Continue reading