REALLY ? HOW MUCH THIS COST ? CAN  I STIL WEAR THIS ON TOP OF MY GLASSES ????  LOL…. now comes to “how much this cost ….” The general public has largely been shutout of the whole Google Glass phenomenon for now with only select users afforded the opportunity to put the gadget through its paces. … Continue reading

Google x Motorola

Google Is Buying Motorola Crazy news just in—Google is acquiring the handset division of Motorola, Motorola Mobility, for $12.5 billion. This means Google could soon officially in the hardware business. Could, because the deal has to pass regulatory scrutiny from governments around the world plus the eyeballs of Motorola’s shareholders. But should that all clear, … Continue reading

Takashi Murakami x GOOGL

  Google front page today with our master of NEO POP – TAKASHI MURAKAMI !