More and more pressing and projects as I said in few weeks ago…here we got an exclusive interview by OVERDOPE when i was in Taipei. the interview about our projects between WRONGWROKS & SQUAD, and the, POPUP STORE. WRONGWROKS @ MICROHIGH ! ** FULL SIZE INTERVIEW HERE. WRONGWROKS will have a POPUP store stand @ … Continue reading


WRONGWROKS is finally 4th anniversary this year, from 2005 – 2009, we have done soooo much interview and press that we can’t even remember how many, but if we have to name one that has cover EVERYTHING, from zero to 100. from nothing to ALL. we really want ONE local press, someone from vancouver to … Continue reading

Interview @ OVERDOPE magazine

Taiwanese blog/online magazine OVERDOPE, has interviewed me and WRONGWROKS / SUPERBORED in last few weeks and now the interview is online, check it out on their website or here below… 究竟甚麼是對? 甚麼是錯? 每個人皆有自己一把尺來衡量. 設計不外乎也是如此. 在獨特的主觀意識中, 往往扮演著我們對事物分析的主要角色. 而當我們認為某件東西是”錯” 的同時, 背後又蘊含著甚麼樣”對” 的意義? 以下OVERDOPE.COM 將帶給大家WRONGWROKS 主理人Tony 從品牌概念, 店面概念, 到來台發表之作品等全面性報導. 敬請娓娓看來. 鐵猴: 為什麼要叫WRONGWROKS? 當一般人看到這個字的時候, 直覺上就會認為字拼錯了! 想要帶給人們第一印象又是甚麼? Tony: 我個人是個非常漫不經心的一個人, 而這種個性想要做藝術也很矛盾, 我曾因為我所創造的藝術或設計老是出錯而苦惱著, 而我卻絲毫也無能為力, … Continue reading

Interview @ Nerdbanite

Interviewed by NERDBANITE awhile ago, finally its up and please check it out their site for a FREE lucky bag, we like to give away, isn’t it ? (read the whole interview below…) (Try to make everyone happy in this bad econ period, cheer up!)

INTERVIEWED by ACCLAIM – Australia Streetwear Magazine

Acclaim Magazine, a streetwear magazine based in Australia, yeah, the other side of the Earth, but they found me and in this issue they have a 2 page interview on WRONGWROKS that is how it goes ! well i bet you can’t read it…thas the trick reading something on internet… again, similar stuff on different … Continue reading


the interview i did earlier with Michael from ION magazine was also on this Vancouver blog called SIX OH FOUR, its a very nice blog for this like to read about art scene or special things happening in Vancouver, check them out, they got realy nice news and info about what is going on in … Continue reading

WRKS interview on ION magazine Sept Issue

Today wanna introduce a Vancouver local base art/fashion/culture magazine, ION magazine ION is a free lifestyle magazine that takes an unpretentious look at independent culture. Every month ION provides an eclectic mix of up-and-coming artists, musicians, filmmakers, and fashion from across Canada and around the world. Being an independent magazine allows us to write about … Continue reading

ION magazine

today went to ION magazine ‘s Vancouver office… Michael, the editor in cheif emailed me about doing a feature in the coming up issue in Sept, so we meet up today for the interview… Michael is such a cool guy, very funny! ION magazine is a vancouver based fashion/art/life style magazine, its FREE and circulated … Continue reading

Interviewed by Fairchild TV Vancouver

had a great time with Emily at the Interview , thanks Emily and thanks MEI for the photos and preparing everything, thanks!


(READ BIG VERSION HERE) YOHO! is a magazine from Shanghai, China. A street, fashion, art magazine comes out every month, with over 600,000 readers every month, YOHO! is one of the top circulated “Fashion-Trendy” magazine around the mainland. WRONGWROKS full interviewed by Ad-Funture’Toy Group ‘s CEO Eddi check it out full chinese version in here. … Continue reading