Q-pot iphone case

my buddy Dennis came to VAN drop by and bought me this… something from Q-pot I love their iphone CASE ! their plastic bag…. CHOCOLATE ! like real ones…. but made for IPHONE 3G… =) Thanks buddy ! Hope you enjoy your stay in Vancouver ! BRO!

iphone case skin by WRONGWROKS

so we have launched some new iphone skin today, and some new hot stuff…what about this totally new design skin with BLOOMING BOB ? very nice designed , fit perfectly on iphone 3G,(many emails asking if it will fit on iphone 2G or ipod touch, ) we figure out this will fit on 2G but … Continue reading


some people emailed us saying why are we so quiet entering 2009….welll its always peaceful and quiet before the big things happen, remember? not even this one LOL, this just some mini projects we got, the WRKS designed Iphone 3G skin, will be available soon on the webstore ONLY, yes, this thing will not be … Continue reading

iphone vs Blackberry Bold

when i was in Taipei in august, my iphone totally screwed it up, it has no use, i wasn’t knw that iphone 3G cannot be used OUTSIDE North America ! So i was trying to get something call turbo sim or whatever to make it works coz im flying to ASIA again and (its not … Continue reading

INCASE iPhone 3G Power Slider Case

The King of Iphone case, INCASE, is coming out this POWER SLIDER CASE… check out what it is… The Power Slider features a supplementary battery function that will not only double the current iPhone 3G battery life but also provide integrated sync/charging and serve as protection for the device. A special engineering approach ensured an … Continue reading

Colette x Iphon 3G

My fav. store Colette has re-opened their store in Paris, check out what they bring us this time… Whats so special ?? at the back !

iPhone 3G

since the old one is weird from time to time (well, only when im in vancouver) it just keep freezing all of a sudden and cannot wake up for early appointment or will miss the meetings…. its time to upgrade and the contract thing is not a easy deal, Steve (Jobs) ! But the new … Continue reading

iPhone 3G . 7.11.08

its been rumouringgggggggg around now its hitting us, even in canada….even in FIDO! YES! New has just been announced of the upcoming release of the second generation iPhone. The phone which took the technology world by storm last year, is about to become “twice as fast, and half the price”. While tech minded people have … Continue reading