JOYRICH x Gizmobies (feat. Kandy!?)

jus came back from Vegas / LA and had a meeting with the JOYRICH team….here is something i got ~ a brand new JOYRICH x Gizmobies iphone wrap ( feels real good) – this is the back wrap   this is the front of the iphone wrap….ops…this set doesnt come with KANDY ! just my … Continue reading


a brand new series in 2011, for all iphone4. Stay tuned, its gonna be FUN !

iphone 4

new iphone 4 launched today by Steve Jobs… face time, webcam in nowhere (actually wifi only argghhhhh) multitasking , whatever it should be on iphone 3G since the begining….to be honest…haha… High Definition Video recording + Imovie editing….SPEECHLESSSSSSSS @_@”’ this is not new, but it is to Iphone, finally a better camera and LED flash … Continue reading