a brand new series in 2011, for all iphone4. Stay tuned, its gonna be FUN !

Brag Garden iphone skin

Brag Garden iphone skin….BRAG GARDEN will have a series of identity products launching….limited time, limited quantities, limited edition. Stay tuned….

Dissected Bob T-shirts

ok ok ok, i know, i know. well, its online in 24 hours, alright !! It comes in black and white Tee . In TEES section iphone 3G skin….on black and white, comes with a little sticker…. tomorrow online !

iphone skin 2.0

we will have series 2 iphone skin on the web and in store (this week), including the new heart bob series in red (on white and black 3G iphone) and green, and ofcourse, SURPRISE YOU when you see it online.

iphone case skin by WRONGWROKS

so we have launched some new iphone skin today, and some new hot stuff…what about this totally new design skin with BLOOMING BOB ? very nice designed , fit perfectly on iphone 3G,(many emails asking if it will fit on iphone 2G or ipod touch, ) we figure out this will fit on 2G but … Continue reading