“WHITE” IPHONE4 as promised !

will you get it ? i mean really ? ps. this means iphone5 wont’ available until Summer announced and then release in the FALL 2011. good luck !

WRONGWROKS iphone4 stickers 2011

finally, i promised it will be online this week and it will be on the webstore with all the other goodies too….sorry we are planning a NEW WEBSTORE for wrongwroks, so its been hectic with meetings and upgrades…but you will see our hard work soon…. ! this is an envelope….look at this its fun right … Continue reading


so the new release is LATE, and is the longest time we haven’t put up anything…well due to many reasons, and you will know we are not slacking off or just taking a break….anyways…more to revealed later..just stay tuned and follow our blog…. this time we got a variety of things on the webstore…including this … Continue reading


i almost forgot iphoto has this fuction… using iphone 3Gs to shoot photo and it will be able to track down where is it… in the map… and which building ! OMG !

iPhone 3G s

so soon, so good ! (hope our fido or rogers make some good move by the way, you know…any one got some deals for me ? leave me comments lol)


iphone does take nice photos ! (sometimes)

iPhone 3G

since the old one is weird from time to time (well, only when im in vancouver) it just keep freezing all of a sudden and cannot wake up for early appointment or will miss the meetings…. its time to upgrade and the contract thing is not a easy deal, Steve (Jobs) ! But the new … Continue reading

iPhone 3G . 7.11.08

its been rumouringgggggggg around now its hitting us, even in canada….even in FIDO! YES! New has just been announced of the upcoming release of the second generation iPhone. The phone which took the technology world by storm last year, is about to become “twice as fast, and half the price”. While tech minded people have … Continue reading