blackberry 10 looks 100% like iphone4 , why ?

it looks EXACTLY like iphone, is this the new way to promote a new product ? (to make something already exist with a new commerical?!?!!) i don’t get it !

“WHITE” IPHONE4 as promised !

will you get it ? i mean really ? ps. this means iphone5 wont’ available until Summer announced and then release in the FALL 2011. good luck !

Bape x Gizmobies iphone4 case (LIKE)

i must get this ! =)

SLR iphone4 ?

Turtle Jacket TJ01…….its actually a case….can u fit this in your pocket ?

Disconnect to Connect

Disconnect to connect, to  your friends, your partner, the one who walking with u, the one eating dinner with you. im reminding myself too ! =)

WRONGWROKS iphone4 stickers 2011

finally, i promised it will be online this week and it will be on the webstore with all the other goodies too….sorry we are planning a NEW WEBSTORE for wrongwroks, so its been hectic with meetings and upgrades…but you will see our hard work soon…. ! this is an envelope….look at this its fun right … Continue reading

師奶死都要iPhone, 不惜為手機「死畀你睇」

現場在翠屏北邨翠楠樓十一樓一單位,男戶主姓馮(四十四歲),妻子姓黃(四十三歲),育有一對分別十八歲及十四歲子女,長子讀中四,幼女患有小兒麻痹症,行動不便,需母親當全職主婦專注照料,一家四口靠馮任巴士車長養家,擔子千斤重。 臨危拉住妻子苦勸 據悉,iPhone 4去年面世後,黃婦緊貼潮流說服丈夫贈送一部,她視如珍寶愛不釋手,惜兩日前在街頭不慎弄失,令她心如刀割,對深愛手機念念不忘,多次要求丈夫再送一部,惟因一部價錢近五千元,加上臨近新春開支不少,馮計算過經濟承擔能力後,決定不買,其妻子大感失望傷心。 消息指,昨晨近六時,徹夜難眠的黃婦喚醒丈夫,哀求再買iPhone 4給她,馮於天寒地凍被弄醒已甚為不滿,聽到妻子開口就是買iPhone,不禁怒火直冒,斷然拒絕,黃婦疑絕望下突情緒崩潰,揚言「死畀你睇」,說後即取走一張膠櫈,氣沖沖奔出家門,馮見狀擔心其做傻事,尾隨追截及報警,追至十四樓走廊,果見妻子踏上膠櫈圖跨過欄杆揚言跳下,圖以死要脅,險象環生,立即上前拉着妻子苦勸。    

Iphone4 + keyboard

is this for real ? im going to get it for sure, i want to see how it works with iphone when i got a blackberry keyboard….

WRONGWROKS x Roberu Leather Factory Iphone4 Case

the wait is over….its been 2 months since the production start….well at least its here finally ! I have a black one on my iphone4 … Gold stamped embriodery WRONGWROKS x ROBERU logo on each of the iphone case, premium quality perfect die cuts around the phone for home button and camera/ flash . pre-orders … Continue reading

Inside Iphone4…Battery Pack sticker….

i rarely on the blog myself, but today i got caught talking on the phone using my iphone4 without the backing…so i guess i have to revealed the secret…. You might wonder what is inside the iphone4….or like….”is it possible to change the battery ?” the answer is yes…its actually with a nokia battery and … Continue reading