Will you buy IPHONE 5?

this is saying to be very likely the new IPHONE 5 …..its bigger…but what else ? watched this video and im still kinda worry about iphone5…. APPLE please give me a new hope ! i have been using IPHONE 2G , 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4S and then i switched to Galaxy Note…and now NOTE 2 … Continue reading

IPHONE 5 + IPAD mini : Sept 12,2012

news from hypebeast …. Apple iPhone 5 & iPad Mini to be Unveiled During September 12 Event After rampant speculation, credible sources are now pointing to two definitive dates for the unveil and release of both the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Wednesday, September 12, 2012 will mark the official look at two of the … Continue reading

iPhone 5 Cases reveal iphone5 sizes

  watch it, and you get it. 4 more days !    

Iphone 5 + Ipad3 – Oct4th

are you ready ? i mean TIM COOK , are you ready ? (we always ready for iphone5 when we just got the iphone4 !) but i miss STEVE JOBS !  

iPhone 5 ?!

iphone 5 ? what do you think ?