Japanese Magazines

since local Japanese magazine book store IWASA closed down in Feb/March….we have no where to bought Japanese magazines in vancouver (well those ones in gas town or downtown is SUPER expensive and its not new and its not what i want…anyways…) so i bought a whole bunch from JAPAN online bookstore and it got to … Continue reading


haven’t upload “food” pics for long time…didn’t mean i didn’t had good food ! life been very busy but still gotta eat good stuff….i enjoy eat in rather than “dine out” =) thanks Kenji for the Udon and Boo for cooking it =)

iphone case skin by WRONGWROKS

so we have launched some new iphone skin today, and some new hot stuff…what about this totally new design skin with BLOOMING BOB ? very nice designed , fit perfectly on iphone 3G,(many emails asking if it will fit on iphone 2G or ipod touch, ) we figure out this will fit on 2G but … Continue reading

New Year @ Tokyo

its actually my first time spending my new year eve in Tokyo, i have never came to Tokyo in winter… i always think its better to celebrate xmas in big cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei or New York… its more into this holiday mood, (since i heard Vancouver has snow storm and been snowing … Continue reading

Motomachi Shokudo Ramen

Today we tried a new resturant call MOTOMACHI SHOKUDO Ramen shop.. (nono i didn’t go to Japan, this is in Vancouver, just by Robson & Denman St. not just the outside, the inside also very neat and nice… i ordered this Cold Shoyu Ramen (only available in summer) how is it ? i won’t go … Continue reading

New Works @ NOISE KING

working on some new canvases and stencil work for a show in Oct in Japan…. some of the pink box on Mona Ripped Off canvases… and gold ones! Stay tune for more news about this show in Japan…