WRK5 2011 Spring Collection Kick OFF!

our all new wall paper in the store…featuring JESSICA C. (the last time for our collaboration ! How sad !) with 3 styles of “WRONGWAY” plaid shirts….more info coming soon…if you are shopping in the store…..check out the cool poster !

Jessica C. in Santa Monica

well….i …i mean “we” didn’t forget Jessica Cambensy…even she has temp. staying in California for her “hollywood” career…. even though she is out of hong kong , im updating a little bit of Jessica …she is still very charming and very sweet…. stylish photo taken in Santa Monica… stay tuned for her updates…in WRONGWROKS BLOG … Continue reading

Jessica Camo Dora – Military Tees

the last collaboration with Jessica C. will be also launching today at our grand opening party @ Super Bored Richmond….a whole new camo series with Jessica C. hidden in the military pattern…..comes in 3 styles for this series… with the pink / Royal / charcoal grey camo…it looks just super hype! of course we have … Continue reading


after the closing of SUPERBORED (in Vancouver) we have received emails everyday regarding the reasons of “closing” SUPERBORED….well the reason is that the leasing contract is over and we realized that its actually not a very good location for most of our customers….so we decided not to renew the contract … and moving down to … Continue reading


Our WRONGWROKS HK STORE Opening party….the day has finally come…… SHOPAHOLIC, the name representing the Hong Kong shoppers, and its another coincidence into our “10 letters” brand name ( WRONGWROKS , SUPERBORED, BRAGGARDEN…etc) we have a few superstar guest at our party, the 1st one let me introduce SAMMY 森美 (903 DJ) the one beside … Continue reading

Fragile Heart . Handle With Care Tee Series feat. by JESSICA C.

a new series of tees from us, summer is start to leave… (in Vancouver) we got something to mail to you…”with Love from WRONGWROKS” from a huge envelope… where we like a parcel travelling everywhere… we need some SUPPORT ! its pretty obvious… Our heart is as “FRAGILE” as anything else… please “handle with care!” … Continue reading


the wait is over….check this out, both coloways, GREY / BLACK will be available in store and WEBSTORE tomorrow 8/19/2010. Very Limited. We had JESSICA C. featuring the Grey one (she loves the GREY ONE!) We have DuDu our Taiwanese Model @ Taipei liking the BLACK ONE ! and we also had CHET LAM as … Continue reading

野仔 SUNNY DAY SERVICE feat. Jessica C.

start watching from “2:08”  =P


Congrads to JESSICA ! She has won the recent model award as the TOP 5 Models in Hong Kong from Face MAgazine….(check out her gear with the SUPERBORED CAP!) the photo for the model award, make up by ZING. Zing, the master of MakeUp in Hong Kong and one of the top make-up artist in … Continue reading

Sushi w/ Jessica C.

very hard to meet up with our super model – Jessica C. and we finally did it today @ a very nice resturant w/ Sushi and wine… the dessert is alright, a bit too dry…. @_@ (usually just looks good….) me & Jessica C. ! well the Book fair has been a great success, the … Continue reading