Dinner with Outerspace ….this is LEO , the director and founder of OUTERSPACE , FEVER and CIRCUS. Joe (right) Designer and Director of FEVER ! 熱血 , we gonna have lots and lots of projects this year and planning….very excited !! its always happy to hang out with this cool people and plan about the … Continue reading

more photos with people in Taiwan

ASKA @ SHADOWGRAPH, we will doing whole bunch of cut and sew with them , nono, not wait until fall, in few weeks ! =) visited OUTERSPACE store, the original flagship always sooooo busy, before they opening another 3 stores TOGETHER on the August 1st. (IS THAT NONSENSE!?!) lets check this out Tofu box , … Continue reading


tonight we had the designer / artist of TTF party at MONSTER TAIPEI… everyone is trying to figure out what is on LEO (CIRCUS) ‘s tee… me and LEO @ OUTERSPACE / FEVER / CIRCUS… LEO , Me, Joe @ FEVER. (check his shirt, that is coming out later for FEVER !) nice night , … Continue reading

LEO / JOE @ OUTERSPACE + Nikki 謝欣穎

its been raining since the second day in Taipei… Leo treated our crew to this sphagetti place (i forget to take photos because the meeting is fun and long so we just busy talking and eating…..sorry, no food photos in this one…) from left to right, me, Joe @ OUTERSPACE, Leo @ OUTERSPACE Leo also … Continue reading