During bad economy, go less to the bank, but visit more at the gallery, coz its the right time to bring some art home =P will upload some photos when they are framed up, need to do some frame shopping … !

New Tees & Caps – 1/30

new tees new tees new tees…everyone email us about this….the nikkie W’s burger photo tee cannot do anything to fullfill you guys yet…so here you go, a totally new design with more fun and joy! the blooming bob ! Dorabob and Evilbob has create the bob series in WRONGWROKS. This year we are having lots … Continue reading

iphone case skin by WRONGWROKS

so we have launched some new iphone skin today, and some new hot stuff…what about this totally new design skin with BLOOMING BOB ? very nice designed , fit perfectly on iphone 3G,(many emails asking if it will fit on iphone 2G or ipod touch, ) we figure out this will fit on 2G but … Continue reading