KAY on another Touch cover, this one is special for us ! coz we are part of it ! Enjoy ! Thanks Maggie & Touchers ! (you can still get them at our online store and any retailers worldwide)  Check the WOLRDWIDE 100+ RETAILERS here.

Canto Pop Finally

the canto pop that i have been listening to since last dec is the Khalil Fong 方大同 – Orange Moon… coz there is nothing really worth listening to in Canto Pop’s…. this week HIS album is finally hitting the scene after his last album “LISTEN TO EASON CHAN” … (which was like 15 months ago ?) … Continue reading

Invited to watch Kay’s show

Kay (謝安琪) & Khalil (方大同) were having a concert last night with some other Hong Kong celebs and we didn’t expect to watch it….until KAY invited us to go ! Khalil Fong 方大同 was performing his new songs, its great! and of course, Kay is the last to perform to push the entire show to … Continue reading

謝安琪 Kay Tse ‘s newest Album – Binary

can’t wait to pick it up but you know its really slow in vancouver…. art direction and photography of this album is very good… any canto pop album you will love all the tracks and you don’t have to skip them? “Binary” is the album. by 謝安琪.

Kay Tse 謝安琪 – Binary

My beloved KAY TSE 謝安琪 just released the newest canto-pop album – Binary, hey, go buy the album don’t download it ! I will say this is one of the album we worth to pay for this year…

Meet 謝安琪 (Kay) @ Hong Kong

get a chance to meet up with 謝安琪 (KAY) today…. feel very bad to be so late and made you wait for so long, sorry again Kay, and very happy to meet you again in Hong Kong and hope you like the goodies! Thanks for the comments on the new mesh caps! hope you like … Continue reading


a very good show by KAY… (i know i posted too much about her already sorry!) take good care and hope to see you again !

Dorabob by KAY TSE

a special edition drawn by KAY (when she drawn that eye, she said its how EASON CHAN looks, LOL) … possible for a new tee ? Im glad u like tee goodies….!

Kay Tse (謝安琪) @ Vancouver

Kay (謝安琪) is in town and i got some hook up to see her today… Kay is my all time fav. canto pop singer…. i got her autographed album…. in return i give her some of our WRONGWROKS gears…Hope you like the tees & caps,  KAY!