before the Kazuki ObyO Adidas collaboration, i have been stop buying Adidas for super long long time…like it was back to 2005 for the ADIDAS 35th Anniversary collection @_@”’ (thats quite a long time….) in between just keep buying Nike’s , Visvim…etc.. and since the Kazuki ObyO collection i have been spending alot on ADIDAS … Continue reading

Kazuki x Adidas



well….a little updated…when i look back this month is the busiest month in my life…. with 2 stores and fall collection shipping out…just draining everyone of us in the office “DEAD”…. not really have time to blog this and that about everyday here is…a little update of everything…i do still taking photos all the … Continue reading

Adidas x Kazuki

u know what? i used to be a BIG FAN of adidas originals, big fan of Adidas Superstar….the shell toe, i always wearing either a pair of white with red or black stripes…and i always have a new pair at home to put on if it got stolen or worn out, (which never happen) i … Continue reading


the last time i picked up something in a store was like June in Tokyo….until few days ago i saw this jacket… the series designed by Kazuki (Fragment Design) for Neighbourhood & Adidas (what a huge combo!) nice material on the Adidas jacket and not much graphics going on, the details on zippers.. =)