Khalil Fong 方大同 ‘s newest concert album ” TIMELESS” has came out and i bought it and played it immediately in my driveeeee…. It takes courage to call it “TIMELESS” because you really have to proof it that way, and you know what? Khalil totally did it ! !


i know its COVER album 可啦思刻 (CLASSIC) ..but i still listening to his last one… “ORANGE MOON” still rocks… Think back in 2009, there is still nothing can compare to ORANGE MOON….H3M is alright but not as long lasting as Khalil’s Orange Moon…. is that it in 2009 ?

方大同 L.I.F.E

i received my copy of L.I.F.E by Khalil Fong 方大同 our SUPERBORED paper bag is in the middle of the page. lol

WRKS x Khalil Fong 方大同 @ OVERDOPE

what is overdope ? even our WRONGWROKS x Khalil Fong concert T-shirt is in the first page of OVERDOP, then  you know its not just a concert tee, its part of the movement, part of the phenomenon, something to remember, something about a true collaboration. Not just a tee to sell and make money out … Continue reading

Khalil Fong Vancouver Concert / ORANGE MOON

so finally, Khalil on the stage for all of us…just himself with his quitar….nothing fancy, no crazy set up or lighting, just his Soul & Music. 3 band members with Khalil (sorry i don’t know what to say coz i was really concentrated during the show) the band came back ENCORE with our collaborate T-shirts … Continue reading

WRONGWROKS x Khalil Fong 方大同 @ Vancouver

so as i said more to update…finally got some time coz (by the time i done this post, he is in airport !) Khalil finally going home ! too tired and long flight for him…. sooooooo many people….look at me, im tired…coz its just tooo many people around us… some close up shot for you … Continue reading

Khalil Fong Vancouver Airport (方大同)

Khalil Fong (方大同) has early flights and really really tired…he said he didn’t really get a sleep on the flight nor at the hotel at all….well good to see you again Khalil….its actually the 3rd time im meeting Khalil, the first time was at the 903 LIVE back to april 2008, and then the last … Continue reading

Khalil Concert Tee redeem : 5/23 SAT 1:00 PM @ SUPERBORED

so finally, these are all made and printed and packed in our vancouver studio. we first had the design “KHALIL SOUL OUT” means like SOLD OUT, like u know its a concert t-shirt so we wanna make a pun that its cool and also funny, SOLD OUT, like SOUL out, like so enjoying the show … Continue reading

Khalil Fong 方大同 Live at VANCOUVER, 2009

My fav. asian singer Khalil 方大同 is coming to town in vancouver.. do you know ? the last time i saw Khalil was in Taipei (dec, 2008)  at 方大同【橙月 ORANGE MOON】誠品音樂會 it was SO packed that people have to come like 6 hours ahead to just get the best spot…. (not me ! haha) this … Continue reading

Khalil Fong 方大同【橙月 ORANGE MOON】誠品音樂會

tonight has invited to watch 方大同【橙月 ORANGE MOON】誠品音樂會… it was a outdoor concert starting around 7pm, and people start sitting here since like 2 or 3pm i heard….WOAH it was also the first time releasing one of the Khalil ‘s music video… it was really packed and Khalil was super busy and just saying hi … Continue reading