F1.1 / 50mm

new lens on the go… F 1.1 / 50mm voigtlander f1.1 50mm ( i will feel very very bad if i buy the original leica one……its too pricy….) and…Voigtlander does make very good lens !

GF-1 with elmarit m leica 28mm

new combo, with my GF-1 matching the Leica M Elmarit 28mm F2.8 next post show u some cool samples with this combination…. =)

Elmarit 28mm F2.0

new lens….. really need a wider lens…and an original piece from LEICA (well the voilander is very nice !) shoot some more photos and show you guys!

Leica WHITE M8

Super Cool, Leica has release a new model with this ALL WHITE camera in the M8 series…. despite the fact that will be very easy to get finger prints or get dirty, its very cool ! (but not for the price of $5000 USD)