JoyRich  , a new brand that we are carrying in SUPERBORED RICHMOND. JOYRICH colorful attitude and electric energy is embodied in the freshly unveiled Spring/ Summer 11 collection. This season reveals a progressively developed, infusion of 60s and 70s elements into the multi-faceted line. A tribute to freedom and decades of change, the looks are … Continue reading

Short Vacation

we wish we got a LONG VACATION…but a short one… some dessert…at Wynn long drive….we started to love road trip…. ipod is what we need during road trips haha, and singing along….this and that… you see the tip of the road? thas nothing…..sometimes it feels endless destination… Ding Tai Fung . . . something to … Continue reading

ANdAZ again

thas it, 3 days vacation in California is done ! Im going to miss this beautiful hotel ANdAZ… the beautiful lobby…i missed that already….damn! and the pool ! (i actually went swimming for another hour in the morning !) this is the view, i was in the water and looking at the  sky and i … Continue reading

California Dreaming

summer seems never come, well, so i go find my “summer”…. this is what my iphone WEATHER told me when i head to the airport….or even a day before i flied… this is what i see and i felt when i was driving yesterday… SOOOOOO HOT OMG !

LA -> LV

beautiful morning in Los Angeles….. driving to Las Vegas the very first time, it was pretty far coz nothing in between (desert all along) and it takes about 5 hours ! OMG !