Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama 2nd Collection !!

ITS HERE ! YES ! i was in Taipei’s Louis Vuitton ‘s VIP lounge and i was just thinking about buying the long wallet or not….tempting but i rarely use (actually never) long wallet ….and at the same time…the sales told me to wait for the 2nd lounge……HERE U GO !  

Louis Vuitton meets Yayoi Kusama 草間彌生 !

眾所期待的 Louis Vuitton (LV) 與日本藝術女王草間彌生一同合作的時裝系列,終於將在七月可以看到了,形象圖和單品圖也搶先曝光囉!從服飾、包包、高跟鞋、眼鏡、腕錶珠寶全都佈滿了圓點,此一聯名系列預計七月中旬將在台灣上市。 草間彌生 帶來點點風潮   LV 草間彌生系列,以迷戀及連續性為主調為起點,色彩繽紛的圓點,漫無止境地覆滿產品表面,表現出處理比例、顏色及密度的無限可能。此外也延伸到全球專門店櫥窗設計,為配合草間彌生系列亮相,店舖櫥窗同樣也以她經典作品作為裝飾主軸。

Marc Jacob is confirmed leaving LOUIS VUITTON

The rumor has come true. stay tuned for more news i guess…..its still not officially announced yet but everyone is talking about it online….

SUPERFLAT FIRST LOVE by Murakami for Louis Vuitton

check it out !

KeepBall 50

been looking for this Stephen Sprouse x LOUIS VUITTON keepball 50 in pink for the longest time and i finally ordered it in SPAIN…. its been sold out in canada and USA….so i was gonna check out some stores in spain and i found ONE. i really think this is a piece of art more … Continue reading


Murakami again, collaborate with Louis Vuitton…. kicking off with a FULL DESIGNED Louis Vuitton Store in Tokyo ! crazy neon signs… murakami talking about the projects in the re-opening night… i don’t know these super young girl groups…but i guess something to do with the FIRST LOVE theme with the project that Murakami running for … Continue reading

Sofia Coppola x Louis Vuitton

with the help of MARC JACOBS, Sofia Coppola has linked up with legendary luxious Louis Vuitton.. over month and month of production, design and meetings… they have made this SC x LV collection come true…. and i really like this new designed “fusion”… it is inspired by Louis Vuitton’s iconic shapes Speedy and Keepall. Timeless … Continue reading


one of my fav. brand COMME des GARCONS are opening up another pop up limited time store (WOW!) in Ayoyama, where the previous LOUIS VUITTON x COMME DES GARCONS location…well not until April . Stay tuned ! its called  “BLACK” Comme des Garcons, so i think should be very dark and cool !


if you have a Louis Vuitton nearby, (which im sure you do..) you should check it out their new window display, they have changed to this surveillance cameras pointing either the bag, or the bag with models… its very BANKSY isn’t it? Now Louis Vuitton knows the game…. hmmm..

Louis Vuitton Feat. @ Honeyee

Louis Vuitton recently has a feat. in Hnyee Mag online, check that with lots of Trunk and behind the scene photos….. when can I have mine ? the new series looks amazing… some behind the scenes photo…