check out our new brand list, most updated…..june 2011. Visit SUPERBORED webstore now….lots of goodies….lots of good brands…  

Manhattan Portage for SUPERBORED

In store from tomorrow 5/1/2011 . Online tomorrow night …..ENJOY ! after lots and lots of sneak preview, meetings and meetings….here is the first series of the project, we are very excited to come together with Manhattan Portage for this special made pouches….it comes in black / red / camo colorways… red colorways….the SUPERBORED color… … Continue reading

SUPERBORED x Manhattan Portage New York !

SUPERBORED has come together with Manhattan Portage NY to have this exclusive SUPERBORED x MP Pouches available at SUPERBORED CANADA only ! when is this releasing ????? STAY TUNED MY FRIENDS !

Manhattan Portage @ SUPERBORED !

the first time i bought Manhattan Portage (MP) back to 2000, i was in NY travelling and i went into a store and saw a series of MP displaying beautifully in the store…..i bought a small traveller style shoulder bag…. i never thought about carrying MP in SUPERBORED , but here you go, we will … Continue reading