Mari winter gear

Mari got his new down jacket for the xmas gift…. (he really doesnt care..)


some asshole burn up our dumpsters in the alley and then all alarms went on and everyone has to get out…well its smoking everywhere and smells very bad…. and then the firefighter clean it up…you might be surprise why i can still taking such nice photos coz i went back and get my M8 and … Continue reading


if u wonder why Mari dress up in the day time, and look kinda sleepy…just because that he has been dress up since the dawn and didn’t last night and really looking forward to the halloween dog party…. MARI THE SHARK FIN !

New Release 7/25

finally we have everything from TTF online, including the 3 TTF exclusive WRONGWROKS x OMQ 老夫子 T-shirts series..@ TEES section the small 3″ and big 10″ Yoka bear designed by WRONGWROKS and produced by ADFUNTURE ! (at ACCESSORIES section) this is not available at the TTF but in our SUPERBORED store and also online, you … Continue reading


finally home , its a super long trip….and look Mari is home waiting….he look so serious!

Namie Amuro / Mari

what about Namie Amuro, coz she is everywhere….she hasn’t been so active for quite a long time and suddenly very active in….”Commericals” for…” Coke Zero” (my favourite) and … Coke Zero again…. Mcdonald, yeah ! besides the logo, nothing else remind you Mcdonald, not even the signature Red or Yellow, im surprise they are really … Continue reading

Mari playoff

Mari went to basketball court with us… first he was just watching…. and then he played really aggressively !

MARI with blanket

Mari is on top of a spongebob blanket…


it looks like SUMMER is getting very close to us…(looks like) He is MARI (Japanese name, pronounced as MARLEY , nothign to do with the movie MARLEY & ME, he had this name way before that movie) Mari is a shiba too. Don;t get me wrong.  After that accident, i was very sad and my … Continue reading