Hyper Kids from Japan … because of…mcdonald…

can u believe this………amazing kids ハッピーセット CM スポンジ・ボブ 「ハチャメチャびっくり」篇    

Mcdonald Grape Soda Sundae !

SO GOOD ! (SO FULL OMG!) hello kitty again !

Namie Amuro / Mari

what about Namie Amuro, coz she is everywhere….she hasn’t been so active for quite a long time and suddenly very active in….”Commericals” for…” Coke Zero” (my favourite) and … Coke Zero again…. Mcdonald, yeah ! besides the logo, nothing else remind you Mcdonald, not even the signature Red or Yellow, im surprise they are really … Continue reading


Hong Kong’s Mcdonald is one of the HOTSPOT i always visit, they always make exciting burgers, (forget about the ones in vancouver, they are the worst mcdonald i have ever had in my life time experience) so beside free delivery or business for 24 hours, they offer this DOUBLE FILET O FISH after 9pm everyday… … Continue reading

Im Counting it Online !

tons of email asking the releasing date, now its online …. in few hours…this releases come with the black 3rd Anni. tee … its getting cold so we have released these in Black & Grey …. the print is very fine behind the tee/hoody, very nice and funny ! well i wore that out for … Continue reading

New release today…

New W-Cap with GOLD W on all white Mesh Caps very nice… Red Heart on B/W Mesh Caps… Here is another new model photo tee, Zoe our canadian model featuring the red W-cap and also MJ tee on the mushroom carpets, into polka dots pattern photo tee, its a huge photo full color printed on … Continue reading

New W-Cap

since every color is almost sold out, we will have this online only version up in 1-2 days…

3 New Mesh

yes , we are very sorry, its finally out and there is 3 kinds…. we got the RED Wcdonald Mesh Caps (those who got b/w or black-black can has this as the fullset) Red Kate Splash Mesh Cap… Black Kate Splash Mesh Cap… both kate can get in the Stuff section… again, don’t sleep, or … Continue reading

WRONGWROKS everywhere in Tokyo

WRKS fries… WRKS syrup.. WRKS Ketup! LOL

Ebi Mcdonald…

mc wrap, look at their package, what about ours? (actually we paid more in vancouver)