Another exciting news…..the camonalisa silkscreen prints, are available on the WEBSTORE ( ART PRINTS SECTION ) now. comes in Green Original army camo pattern on the Mona Lisa, edition of 100, signed , stamped and dated 2011 by WR comes in PINK camo pattern on the Mona Lisa, edition of 100, signed , stamped and … Continue reading


In summer 2007, I created ripped off mona lisa print/design has been one of my greatest impant design all over the world and so far the MOST t-shirts have been sold. 4 years later, this t-shirt still selling and we decided to put out a special edition in 3 camo color ways. Pink , Green, … Continue reading


Stay tuned. Another year of Hype is here. FOR SURE !

O! Mona Lisa on Grey shirt

o, i forgot there is one more, MONA LISA RIPPED OFF ON grey tee ! you know how rare we made Grey tee so don’t sleep on this, available on WRKS webstore first ! in FK’ ing Exclusive Section

Mona Lisa on GREY

for the first time, we have Mona Lisa Ripped Off on Grey shirt, available 7. 31 stay tuned.


so here we revealed more today…. you have seen the EVERYONE STEALS NAT IN TAIWAN – 250 Taiwan edition book + tee set, this is the WRONGWROKS original edition, it called RED MONA, its a white/red box set which comes with the EVERYONE STEAL Book (still secret!) & also a Red Mona Lisa edition Tee, … Continue reading

Mona Lisa Online

Online in Print Section!

Everyone Steals

stay tuned, nothing can tell yet but its gonna be one of our biggest project this year !