Softbank has been using this akita “nana” (look lik my previous shiba mixed akita – nana) for awhile and recently i have been seeing lots of his video on  youtube and in japan’s Tv commercial so i wanna shared a bit…and i do miss nana too ~ =( where is this dog come from, he … Continue reading


on 9.  15.  2008,  Nana left us, in this year, we never stop thinking about NANA, she is lovely, still. in our minds, the good thing about photography is, you can always look at it, flash your memories, it can always remind me how pretty she is…., how cute she is… I still miss Nana … Continue reading


it looks like SUMMER is getting very close to us…(looks like) He is MARI (Japanese name, pronounced as MARLEY , nothign to do with the movie MARLEY & ME, he had this name way before that movie) Mari is a shiba too. Don;t get me wrong.  After that accident, i was very sad and my … Continue reading


shibuya WOW! remember i said there is a white shiba as DOG STAR in Japan ? we saw this huge giant wall with fake NANA on it…and poster…across the walls…we miss nana ! we had this for dinner, sorry i don’t really know what this called… but i know it tastes SO GOOD ! CRAZY! … Continue reading

I miss Nana

R.I.P , my dearest nana, i always treat you as part of my family, not as a dog, but as a human, you know ? you were with us since you were born you were innocent you were mad and curious about everything cute you are fashionable although you hate wearing clothes in winter.. when … Continue reading

Nana play!

look, nana laughs! =)

Nana napping…

nana taking a nap today……..the only chance to take photos of her… =P

NANA sea walk

Im so lucky this week that get to bring NANA to sea walk near Yale Town…. look at her! so cocky!

Nana beach day

look!  Nana was very happy yesterday… she was on the way to the kits beach…. summer is very short so we just took a day off and bought nana to the kits and have a walk and chilling out there… Nana not really into taking photos but here we fast enough to snap one !

nana’s friend

so we walked by the neighbourhood (not the brand ok, just a REAL neighbourhood) and we saw a shiba in one of the unit. it looks like NANA ! well he/she seems way smaller!