nana was sitting on the floor and check it out, her nose has a little drops in there, i think she was waiting that to “drop”…… lol and now what, she is being tortured and pretending as a rabbit….


nana! didn’t show nana’s photo here for awhile….she doesnt like taking photos you know?

Nana Toy

what is this toy about NANA… its actually a fake memory stick where you plug into the drive and it will keep moving back and forward…you know what it is… LOL but its not carrying any memory at all…all he do is just working hard and moving along…

Nana is the queen

found another ad about NANA… and i heard its the queen in tokyo in 2007… LOL

Nana x Softbank

Nana, i don’t know you have a collab with SOFTBANK !!??

Nana Napping

after ALL the moving, nana is taking a nap… its too much for her…sorry NANA!

Sakura & Nana

finally got a time to check out the cherry blossom… Nana enjoyed it too…