New NAT Tee

so besides the new Shrapova tee, the 2 color 24HR tee, we also have this Nat tee &… the long awaited NAT MAID TEE – WRKS Version…those who missed out the toy fest version can get it from our store…. its very limited so be quick and we limited to 3 per person max. … Continue reading

Everyone Steals @ BANG magazine

Bang magazine July… god! how many times i have to upload and show this images? this is brain washing! we over done it !


so because Yahoo TW! sneak peek our projects abit earlier so we have to kind of offically announced here! the EVERYONE STEALS project is a WRONGWROKS BOOK project that limited to 1000 copies of the book and in different cities in the world we have special box sets to celebrate this special book “EVERYONE STEALS”… … Continue reading


Surprise? the BASA Tee has soldout and lots of people who didn’t get it were very cranky about that…so we end up have this very limited WRKS WEB TEE x NAT , and only available on WRONGWROKS website, nowhere else, none of your retailer gonna have this, so get this online….in couple days, keep checking … Continue reading

Cool Magazine Taiwan

the newest COOL magazine from Taiwan has featured WRONGWROKS latest WRKS x SUPER CLIQUE tee and also some of the spring special tees! Grab yours now in selected newstand worldwide.

Super-Nat @ Yahoo Taiwan

check out today’s YAHOO TAIWAN and you will see the SUPER-NAT shirt is THAT COOL~ thanks Sweeth from Summit for the info…

Black Wcdonald Caps + SuperNat-ure Tee

everything is up, so “be quick” seems to be the only option ! get them all at F/E section in our webstore now!

Nat @ WRKS studio

today we have NAT visiting our studio, shooting for the new gears, ofcoz including the up coming SUPERNAT-URE shirt…& our summer collection…..stay tune….