well….a little updated…when i look back this month is the busiest month in my life…. with 2 stores and fall collection shipping out…just draining everyone of us in the office “DEAD”…. not really have time to blog this and that about everyday here is…a little update of everything…i do still taking photos all the … Continue reading


the last time i picked up something in a store was like June in Tokyo….until few days ago i saw this jacket… the series designed by Kazuki (Fragment Design) for Neighbourhood & Adidas (what a huge combo!) nice material on the Adidas jacket and not much graphics going on, the details on zippers.. =)


besides food, what else is happening in Tokyo ? the BLACK project by CdG… just like all the other Cdg store…(well to be very frank, i have been all (almost) the Cdg store in the world and only the one in Hong Kong is not, its just like regular store with white color….not a MAZE, … Continue reading

Boneyards x NIKE Terminator

went to Boneyards as they have the last week in Vancouver (globally too) and picked up the latest, last collaboration by Stussy & Neighbourhood, (with some discounts too !)

Neighbourhood Savage Jeans

hmmmm…. sometimes don’t say “I will never buy that xxxx brand”…. got this small pouch bag for cameras…just 27.00….. some big spending but on this very beautiful jeans, i have heard that Neighbourhood made the best jeans in the market but i never agree until today… the SAVAGE lots of nice details…. fold it up … Continue reading

Boneyards @ Vancouver

visited Boneyards today, they got some really nice jeans, and shirts in today…. Vancouver doesnt have much going on (most of the time) today is their last launch (Group 3)… thanks Ami for serving us along! Boneyards has been a great success, with street brand STUSSY and high end fashion japanese brand Neighbourhood, collaboration producing … Continue reading

Neighbourhood x Undefeated !!!

i better asked if Eddie Cruz know about this fake shit…..LOL