Brutus has came out a biggest auction ever with lots of artist….called the “KAERU-BRUTUS” where as NIGO is puting out his signed INTERVIEW magazine on the wall (one of them for 20000 yen) or Nigo’s Car for ¥18,000,000 ….. and some real CAMPBELL SOUP from Andy Warhol…¥60,000,000 probably the cheapest / most affordable one is … Continue reading


something i picked up in Bathing Ape, and this is what looping in SUPERBORED now , everyday !

The Bape Book

finally received the BAPE BOOK, its taking longer than anything else, i don’t understand why its not released in anywhere else but release first in Hong Kong… anyone know the reason ? (HK is the first place having this for sale, not even Japan)

Murakami meets Bape

Bape finally opened in L.A… well this post supposed to call BAPE OPENING IN LA…but LOOK! (quote from SUPERTOUCH, they said this.. ” (we’re gonna assume the Louis headband is real)…” look at how happy murakami is, and how BAPE he is…hmmmmmm while Nigo has covered up to get more press, murakami STILL laughing happily, … Continue reading

Your name on Bape shirt

Bape is offering a custom button shirt in the coming collection, can you believe that BAPE is doing that !?