My buddy KEA (CROXXBONE DESIGNER / GRAFITTI ARTIST ) first time on cover with his boss STAYREAL’s Ahshin ! I need to collect this cover ! from FUNSWANT !  第一次和阿信一起拍2011年一月號的FUNS放肆誌封面。過去不拍照一向肢體僵硬的KEA:怎麼辦?好不習慣,很緊張! 像天使一樣適時出現的阿信:沒關係,別緊張。我也花了10年才習慣^_^ (感謝阿信和工作人員在拍照當天包容我一直頻頻NG。還是創作容易上手的多,真的>”<) i think KEA is as handsome as ah shin  ! hahahahhaa…


『純真年代 STAY REAL forever…』 上海當代藝術館首展 台 灣新浪潮美學閃亮登場   不二良 + KEA + Ashin = 青春新浪潮 在熙熙攘攘的人潮裡,有多久了,幾曾停下快速移動的腳步,仰望蔚藍的天空? 在彌漫游離的空氣裡,有多久了,幾曾靜下心來,真正感受著自己的 呼吸? 真實世界中人們忙碌、人們追求,卻忘了佇足聆聽那曾經存在於我們體內的赤子之心。 台灣新浪潮三人組:不 二良 + KEA + Ashin 將於6月10日起在上海當代藝術館啟動一段『純真年代』的藝術之旅。 來自台灣的公仔雕塑藝術家不二良、潮流藝術家KEA及音樂與視覺跨 界創作者同時—五月天主唱阿信,透過各自擅長的立體雕塑、裝置、平面繪畫及多 媒體等媒材,展現他們跨界的創作對話,以全球文化、次文化及流行文化的多重唱,譜出他們內心對純真年代的依戀。 《純真年代Stay Real Forever…..》特展,由陸蓉之、鄭如芳、黃瀅潔共同策劃,展期為 2010年6月10日起至7月12日止,於上海當代藝術館MoCA Shanghai (上海市南京西路231號人民公園) 公開展覽,將是台灣新浪潮三人組:不二良 + KEA + Ashin首度在中國內地的聯展。 my buddy’s great show !! KEA + NO2GOOD + ahSHIN !!


my buddies from Taiwan , AHSHIN  阿信 & NO2GOOD 不二良 from STAYREAL has made another miracle in 2010. They have sliently opened their FIRST 1st STAY REAL STORE in SILVERCORD CENTER, KOWLOON 新港中心. STAYREAL香港正式登陸,進駐品牌指標「新港中心」 STAYREAL於2009年在台灣成立了六家直營 門市,2010年2月跨出台灣,將觸角伸往與全世界時尚潮流同步的香港。做為進軍國際的第一個海外據點,STAYREAL HK 1st STORE設立在國際品牌高度密集的尖沙嘴,並坐落在各大潮流品牌進駐的指標商場–廣東道的「新港中心」。 延續STAYREAL知性潮流風格,融合「T-Shirt美術館」概念 STAYREAL HK 1st 新港店延續既有的知性潮流風格外,還加入了有如T恤美術館的概念,讓商品都成了一幅幅有故事的畫作!品牌icon「SR小鼠大公仔」也換上HK獨有的時尚 新服,更成為所有遠道而來的觀光客爭相合照的一景。STAYREAL登陸香港,將為原本就百家爭鳴的香港時裝版圖,增添一股銳利而新鮮的不同風格。 again , here to congrad Ahshin & NO2good’s great success … Continue reading

STAY REAL dinner

and of course, one of the dinner will be treated by STAY REAL’s crew, its really fun to meet with STAY REAL’s people ! Hope we will have another great year together in 2010 ! ps. NO2GOOD you really need to get some sleep ! (YAYA hope you like the little SUPERBORED stuff) Enjoy guys … Continue reading

more from TTF

a little embrass to sign something at STAY REAL’s booth coz our “common fans” caught me and i have to sign my YOKA Bear…. now need to do some advertising for STAY REAL, check out his huge “Little Mouse” figure… Mickey Huang 黃子佼 has came by and NO2GOOD 不二良was there too so we took a … Continue reading

NO2GOOD + KEA = Dinner Again !

another eating opportunity at Taipei , (its the same day….) we had another dinner with KEA + STAL REAL’s NO2GOOD… eating is all we do while talking about our plans in 2009… will be a very exciting year for peeps in Vancouver, yes, our home town! WOAH ! =O


And ofcoz the first thing to check out in Taipei this time is to visit my buddy NO2GOOD & Ah Shin’s STAY REAL original flagship store in Taipei they carry all of their t-shirts, caps, limited edition jackets, shirts….anything you saw from them before its all here… very nice and classic display and interior comfy … Continue reading


our buddy STAY REAL, (ah shin (MAYDAY)  & NO2GOOD) finally opening their first flagship store in East district @ Taipei, check them if you are around there on the 6th for the opening day !

Fairwell dinner by STAY REAL

tonight we have a fairwell dinner @ VERY THAI … (god this resturant is awesome, you guys should really check it out…ask Ponk, he knows…he knows all the nice place to eat…right Ponk ?! ) pineapple Pawn… spicy octopus… veggies… my favourite shrimp pizza cake…we ordered 2 ! someone said reading my blog making them … Continue reading


our first collabo with STAY REAL. NO2GOOD 不二良 showing the collabo shirt we did, this time we have this printed on STAY REAL’s shirt, stay tuned coz it will be very limited online. For this ultimate black tee version. Me and Kea trying to persuade Jubie getting the GR digital…. LOL