check out this issue ‘s TOUCH magazine from Hong Kong… they got a OBAMA section featuring arts, tees around the world that really representing this “movement”…. our obama tee is one of them featured ! =)

Pulp Magazine – Belgium

Pulp, a art/fashion/culture magazines based in Belgium, (sorry no link for now coz they don’t have a website YET) our Obama Change Art Print has being selected as one of the “WISH LIST” item in the Xmas 2008, have fun ! if you STILL thinking grabbing this print, you should be quick coz not much … Continue reading

Obama “CHANGE” No.5 Tee

Finally we are launching this tee ! when the print was out, everyone was wondering when is this “tee” coming out… beside Yellow, we have it in Red bottole No.5 … we have it in BLUE too…. all 3 in the TEES section

Obama Chanel prints

there is no signs of making one but doesnt mean we are not making one, we will launched 3 new Obama silkscreen prints on the 4th of Nov, the election day, featuring it on a famed perfumed that you know what it is… it comes in the original light yellow color in the bottle, and … Continue reading


I was in Marc Jacob store today and saw this giant poster on the wall, it certainly was the little headline photo on newspaper and got blow up for a wall size…. now this Obama thing is getting even bigger and attacking others…. we will see how far this “CHANGE” gonna be very soon…