before the Kazuki ObyO Adidas collaboration, i have been stop buying Adidas for super long long time…like it was back to 2005 for the ADIDAS 35th Anniversary collection @_@”’ (thats quite a long time….) in between just keep buying Nike’s , Visvim…etc.. and since the Kazuki ObyO collection i have been spending alot on ADIDAS … Continue reading

Kazuki x Adidas


Adidas x Kazuki

u know what? i used to be a BIG FAN of adidas originals, big fan of Adidas Superstar….the shell toe, i always wearing either a pair of white with red or black stripes…and i always have a new pair at home to put on if it got stolen or worn out, (which never happen) i … Continue reading


the last time i picked up something in a store was like June in Tokyo….until few days ago i saw this jacket… the series designed by Kazuki (Fragment Design) for Neighbourhood & Adidas (what a huge combo!) nice material on the Adidas jacket and not much graphics going on, the details on zippers.. =)