WRKS “Hands all over zipup hoody” feat. by LEO廖人帥 @ “OUTERSPACE”

and of course, not just dinner, leo is featuring one of our signature item this winter – HANDS ALL OVER ZIPUP HOODY ! it comes in mens and girls sizes…don’t worry…we know what you want ! you like it ? LEO DOES ! it will be availabe next week in all the store worldwide, and … Continue reading

Dinner with Leo 廖人帥 – CEO of “Outerspace”

HERE YOU GO ! this is LEO 廖人帥 ! The man behind one of the most popular streetwear brand – OUTERSPACE  after about 1 year of absense…..OUTERSPACE is back to SUPERBORED! and guess what ! Leo is inviting me to one of his fav. dinner place…THIS IS NOT “ALL YOU CAN EAT” style , its all … Continue reading


OUTERSPACE ! my favorite LEO is back from OUTERSPACE, now he is SUPERBORED ~   just kidding, visit both store today to check out the new and great OUTERSPACE products again, we will have OUTERSPACE ‘s newest products every month from now on .   SUPERBORED (主店) Unit 160, 4811 Hazelbridge way, Richmond, BC, Canada … Continue reading


check out our new brand list, most updated…..june 2011. Visit SUPERBORED webstore now….lots of goodies….lots of good brands…  

黑人 x 范范結婚被整! CIRCUS甜蜜特別獻禮! 粉紅豹紋保時捷登場

my buddy blackie is getting married ! im late…i know….but the most funniest video/recording from my other buddy LEO !!! check it out man ! its funny and touching !


Leo is so slow in the dancing…leo u need to sleep more and earlier…hahahhahahaha…. 啥貨?!Circus 要發片了 是的! 2010最後一天 Circus做到了 最新最有創意的台式搖滾曲風 最爆笑最白爛的全新節目內容[恐怖DJ社] 都在首張全新大碟 啥貨?!CIRCUS 樂壇白爛志氣團 CD+DVD全新專輯+2小時全新節目 12月17日開始預購 12月31日發行 預購就送CIRCUS小丑頭項鍊 2009年 CIRCUS 正式踏入樂團,在上張EP [ GO! CIRCUS熱血高校 ] 裡就可以看出端倪,2010 CIRCUS到底想玩什麼?!即將於今年最後一天要整裝出發,首張專輯【 啥貨?!CIRCUS 】 絕對讓你驚喜連連!這張專輯充滿了重口味的白爛台式搖滾,沒有人比 CIRCUS 更了解 KUSO 的白爛精神,也沒有一個樂團可以像他們一樣充滿熱血,努力到底!! 所以,他們從無到有,從不會樂器到現在努力學習,從不會創作到現在創作靈感豐富,我們­稱他們為 『樂團白爛志氣團』 再適合不過! DVD全新電視節目[CIRCUS恐怖DJ社]總長將107分鐘!將近2小時,超越人­類忍受極限,挑戰你的視覺神經! 保證超越CIRCUS ACTION! 勝過CIRCUS狗仔隊!


after the closing of SUPERBORED (in Vancouver) we have received emails everyday regarding the reasons of “closing” SUPERBORED….well the reason is that the leasing contract is over and we realized that its actually not a very good location for most of our customers….so we decided not to renew the contract … and moving down to … Continue reading


one of the activities when we visited Taipei – Dinner with my  buddybuddy LEO 廖人帥 (OUTERSPACE/CIRCUS) and talked about plans and projects… almost every visit to Taipei….i will had at least ONE Thai food for dinner or lunch….yummmy….(why Thai food is so yummy in Taiwan ?!?) Last time SQUAD bought me to Thai resturant @ … Continue reading


very excited, an event where all the local Taiwanese brand came together has an exhibition, just 3 days….look at my PASS ~ handsome boy – TERRY , the senior editor in chief ! (look at his glasses….) Hometown , a new Taiwanese brand….it will be in VANCOUVER soon…. =P STAY REAL, our closest buddy has … Continue reading


Dinner with Outerspace ….this is LEO , the director and founder of OUTERSPACE , FEVER and CIRCUS. Joe (right) Designer and Director of FEVER ! 熱血 , we gonna have lots and lots of projects this year and planning….very excited !! its always happy to hang out with this cool people and plan about the … Continue reading