the hottest item, now on OVERDOPE, and its available (almost sold out in Vancouver stores) there still some online ! GO !


very excited, an event where all the local Taiwanese brand came together has an exhibition, just 3 days….look at my PASS ~ handsome boy – TERRY , the senior editor in chief ! (look at his glasses….) Hometown , a new Taiwanese brand….it will be in VANCOUVER soon…. =P STAY REAL, our closest buddy has … Continue reading


we got this edition of SQUAD x WRONGWROKS JAPANESE LOGO MESH CAP for OVERDOPE , celebrating their anniversary and collabo @ 創意潮流文化節 ! CONGRATS LIN & TERRY ! (創意潮流文化節 exclusive only !)

WRKS x Adfunture @ OVERDOPE interview

we have done this interview with LIN (cheif editior & Founder) of OVERDOPE, read it in their blog or here. we had the interview in the ADFUNTURE booth. YOKA x EDDI 每一年的台北國際玩具創作大展都受到全世界玩具業者以及玩具迷們重大的注目. 而提到”玩具”兩字又豈可忽略adfunture這間替藤原浩訂做公仔的知名公司. 當然, 這次adfunture也為了玩具迷們準備了相當大的驚喜, 那就是於這一屆2009台北國際玩具創作大展中首度曝光的YOKA Series. 而針對此系列, OVERDOPE.COM 也帶來了深度的獨家報導. 以下訪談OVERDOPE代表為鐵猴, adfunture為Eddi, WRONGWROKS為Tony. 鐵猴: 想先請問一下Eddi, 這個於會展中首次批露的YOKA Series 是約從何時開始準備的? Eddi: 大約進一年的時間, 於去年年底(2008) 時給了許多合作廠商包括Tony 這隻YOKA 的原型以供設計, 之後陸陸續續都花了近一年的時間改良之後才願意將最好的一面呈現給支持我們的消費者. … Continue reading

Interview @ OVERDOPE magazine

Taiwanese blog/online magazine OVERDOPE, has interviewed me and WRONGWROKS / SUPERBORED in last few weeks and now the interview is online, check it out on their website or here below… 究竟甚麼是對? 甚麼是錯? 每個人皆有自己一把尺來衡量. 設計不外乎也是如此. 在獨特的主觀意識中, 往往扮演著我們對事物分析的主要角色. 而當我們認為某件東西是”錯” 的同時, 背後又蘊含著甚麼樣”對” 的意義? 以下OVERDOPE.COM 將帶給大家WRONGWROKS 主理人Tony 從品牌概念, 店面概念, 到來台發表之作品等全面性報導. 敬請娓娓看來. 鐵猴: 為什麼要叫WRONGWROKS? 當一般人看到這個字的時候, 直覺上就會認為字拼錯了! 想要帶給人們第一印象又是甚麼? Tony: 我個人是個非常漫不經心的一個人, 而這種個性想要做藝術也很矛盾, 我曾因為我所創造的藝術或設計老是出錯而苦惱著, 而我卻絲毫也無能為力, … Continue reading

AdFunture x WRONGWROKS = Panda Yoka

i believe many of you has seen this before we even annouced on the blog, either High Snobiety or Adfunture official blog, or even OVERDOPE has annouced this new toy…. yes, finally we will releasing officially in Taipei Toy Festival on July 9th, 2009. In adfunture booth.. with small edition about 3″ high, and a … Continue reading

T-shirts Ranking 2008/2009

There is a site call “1T-shirt world” , its a site that from USA and they reported about new tees everyday from brands around the world…. check out their web……and they have a T-shirts ranking around the world ! This year, believe or not, im not too sure about the result but i don’t mind … Continue reading


from now on, the latest WRONGWROKS / SUPERBORED news will be also reported at OVERDOPE.com, the most updated and fashionable blog on the earth, OVERDOPE is rank #1 among all the chinese hype blog, that reporting the coolest shoes, t-shirts, projects, collabos, etc. yes Rank #1 among all the chinese one. now we are in … Continue reading