PeekaBoo Polkadot Mesh Cap

the big release this week we will have this PEEKABOO POLKADOTS MESH CAP !


so the new release is LATE, and is the longest time we haven’t put up anything…well due to many reasons, and you will know we are not slacking off or just taking a break….anyways…more to revealed later..just stay tuned and follow our blog…. this time we got a variety of things on the webstore…including this … Continue reading


as we kind of revealing it awhile ago… we are finally releasing this series, with all RED polkadots… not just change the overall color of how it looks…. we have got lots of feedback of good and bads, and do lots of improvements on the material, surface, straps, clips…all kinds of changes to bring you … Continue reading

POLKADOTS @ BEE mag. (Hong Kong)

its coming out soon  but its already selected and reported in Hong Kong fashion/Trendy magazine : BEE/MONDAY . Stay tuned for release date online and in store.


this time, we ommitted the tote bag, we figured out something more useful rather than following the trend, not a Messenger, but a NEW MESSENGER bag using 2 zips for the openings, double it up, better function more comparments where you can put anything inside, into different space, useful. different levels… for example , you … Continue reading


we had the black collection as the first series, and we have the last one with the RED polka dots…all new material, thicker, better lining, better shape, better surface, better printing, its just BETTER. we also made 2 side (double) logo zips, chrome silver like, look at the lines on the material and u know … Continue reading

Polkadots Jordan !

i saw this on the web yesterday…..SO HOT….they came in white with black dots (LO) and and black with white dots (high) ! Anyone know when is this coming out ?