bape x porter !!

are you serious???

Monocle x Porter Custom made bag

didn’t shop online for the longest time… (nothing exciting at all) but until i found out this… they had a series of bag collaborated with each other, by MONOCLE (the magazine from UK) and PORTER… this is what i ordered… its kinda like an office bag, everyday use and laptops…u know…nothing really special it comes … Continue reading


WRONGWROKS x NANO UNIVERSE x ZOZO TOWN WRONGWROKS(ロングロックス)は他社ロゴやトレードマークを使った大胆なパロディーなどで独特なコレクションを展開するカナダ、バンクーバー発のブランド。 2007年にフランス、パリのセレクトショップ「コレット」で開催されたアート・エキシビジョンに参加し、一流アーティストの仲間入りを果たした“Tony Wong”のオリジナル・アパレルラインです。 2006年にはケイト・モスにアメリカのスーパーマーケット「ターゲット」のロゴでもある赤い照準マークをプリントし、 その上にスカルのプリントまで加えたブラック・ジョーク的なTシャツが話題に。 今回はなんと、日本国内nano・universe限定でその幻のTシャツが復活! ぜひこの機会をお見逃しなく。 ZOZO town has launched the new tee that we did with NANO UNIVERSE… so if you guys from Japan, you can get it in ZOZO TOWN NOW ! what is ZOZO TOWN ? they did a collabo store with BATHING APE, … Continue reading

JunYa Watanabe x PORTER

i know i have been hiding…ok im sharing one of the thing i really liked that i bought in Japan… so much good things and i really like this one but been thinking for few days and then i went to their concept store in Shinjuku and pick this up…its the JunYa Watanabe x PORTER … Continue reading


when i first saw this on the Supreme Catalogue or SECRET BASE…i know im going to get this. all red, well it comes with red, black and blue like regular Supreme color… but i mean when this 2 fav. label came across each other with this beautiful leather wallet… i really don’t know how to … Continue reading


Medicom has announced a new Be@rbrick today with PORTER…the toy itself is OK, but look at the bag, the be@rbrick is holding luggage with the Porter ! How cute ! cool….

Supreme x Porter

isn’t this sooooooo dope?