SUPERBORED x Manhattan Portage New York !

SUPERBORED has come together with Manhattan Portage NY to have this exclusive SUPERBORED x MP Pouches available at SUPERBORED CANADA only ! when is this releasing ????? STAY TUNED MY FRIENDS !

Manhattan Portage @ SUPERBORED !

the first time i bought Manhattan Portage (MP) back to 2000, i was in NY travelling and i went into a store and saw a series of MP displaying beautifully in the store…..i bought a small traveller style shoulder bag…. i never thought about carrying MP in SUPERBORED , but here you go, we will … Continue reading


after the closing of SUPERBORED (in Vancouver) we have received emails everyday regarding the reasons of “closing” SUPERBORED….well the reason is that the leasing contract is over and we realized that its actually not a very good location for most of our customers….so we decided not to renew the contract … and moving down to … Continue reading


because of the boss of STAGE….hehehee i got to see 羅志祥 / SHOW LUO’s new 3D concert in Hong Kong. soooooooooooooooooooooo many people….all you see is 2 kind of people 1. holding concert shopping bag guys/girls 2. wearing STAGE’s guys/girls. fans are crazy…… “female” fans group are ….. incredible… SHOW time… during the show.. i … Continue reading

Stage’s Moon Bear Parka

working like crazy even the long Easter weekend….and i have to make sure im in a working mode….by wearing….a bear costume “sigh!”  ( tired !) -Thanks Cate @ STAGE for getting me the XL! !!


STAGE head office visited last night, its huge and we got to see lot and lots of the new release in the coming year , and of course…. our crossover project , yes, WRONGWROKS X STAGE 2010.


well, i didn’t slack off at all, i don’t even have time to update the photos on the blog about my vacation, right ? =P here is another great news… STAGE HYALINE OF WORLD (STAGE) is gonna be in VANCOUVER SOON…. excited van people? you guys are lucky to have all these cool brands ! … Continue reading